When it comes to holiday shopping, some gift purchases are a breeze while some will have you completely stumped. Luckily, as an artistic person, you can always revert to gifting art to your loved ones. Not only will it make a unique and personal gift that reflects your personality and interests, but you will also be supporting another artist’s career. Here is the perfect holiday gift guide for any New York based artist looking for some inspiration.

Thrillist Holiday Hideaway (at Artist & Fleas)

The Thrillist Holiday Hideaway is a holiday pop-up market run by the organization Artist & Fleas, happening December 7th- December 9th in Soho. While you get to search around for some last-minute, handcrafted works from local artists, there will also be food, cooking demos, and live video viewing from Thrillist. It’s a great way to make a fun event out of the ever-dreaded holiday shopping nightmare.

Even if you miss this particular event, Artist & Fleas has locations all over NYC in Chelsea, Soho, and Williamsburg. If you don’t feel like bracing the harsh winter elements, you can even check out their online shop from the comfort of your own home.

Check Out Your Local Flea Market

There is no better place to find a unique gift that fits in your budget than at a flea market. For any Brooklynites reading, the Williamsburg Flea is a local favorite. It has something for anyone– old records for music lovers, funky clothes for your more fashionable friends, and of course, so much local art. Visiting this flea market is almost life visiting a museum– there are gems tucked away in every corner, and it also lies right next to the picturesque East River, providing a beautiful backdrop to your shopping. Hint– with this flea market, the early bird gets the worm, so get there first thing and take your pick of the best items it has to offer.

Buy Your Artsy Friends Creative Jewelry

While jewelry can make some of the best gifts, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what someone’s jewelry taste is (it is one of the more personal forms of self-expression, after all). Especially with the more artistic people in your life. However, Brooklyn Charm is a great local spot that offers unique and interesting pieces. Every charm is handcrafted and different, and because you can order à la carte jewelry, you can hand-pick charms that’s custom crafted, by yourself, for the person you’re buying for. This shop provides perfectly unique gifts to make any person receiving it feel special.

Check Out Local Gallery Shops

If you really want to impress your friends and family with your cool, artsy New York knowledge, check out some smaller gallery shops. You can find super different pieces, and get to tell people how en vogue your gift is in the NYC art world. And you also get to support local art! Artists Space is a great online shop to begin your search at, and gives funkier gift ideas for the more bold types in your life.

And Of Course, Etsy.

When in doubt, Etsy. It’s a great platform that has given a myriad of local artists around the world a space to sell their art and make a career. Not everyone has the luxury of living in a big art city, such as New York, so Etsy is a wonderful way to support local artists who may not be NYC local. There’s always plenty of online lists showcasing some of the best Etsy artists around, and a bunch of affordable art shops on Etsy as well. Plus, if you want to take a more intersectional approach to your holiday shopping, there are a number of LGBT+ owned, black-owned, Latinx-owned, and Native-owned Etsy shops to check out for handmade and unique gifts.

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