Why do we care about your social life?

You only have so many hours in a day. The best entrepreneurs know that what you do in your personal life can enhance your career.

You thought you were being trained for success in college or art school.  They didn’t inform you that your social life and social network would be the key to your future success.  VAR takes your personal life seriously (as in promoting fun) and wants you to be involved in activities that will enhance your career success and help you build an active social network.

Whether it is tango dancing, a lecture, trivia games or just a group outing to Spin to play some ping pong, VAR works with you to manage your social calendar.  We not only curate activities but will have the staff to help you get out of your shell and teach you the skills to work a room.

More than anything VAR understands the psychological research behind why play is important.  Let us help you find the right balance to unlock your creativity and innovative spirit.


“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” –  Abraham Maslow 

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