Make Your Creative Dream a Reality and Launch Your Own Business
There are a multitude of resources and expertise available to new entrepreneurs, but until now, they hadn’t been collected together in one place and developed specifically for creative professionals.  These excellent tools have largely been inaccessible to new creative entrepreneurs.

VAR is made up of creative people talking to creative people. We cut out the “jargon” and created a consulting service (and program) based on the needs of creatives based on our experiences of . For example, you’ll learn about business and entrepreneurship in a way that builds your expertise, while understanding that innovation and creative output is where your strength lies.

We believe creatives are great thinkers and problem solvers. You are incredibly talented at imagining and envisioning the future.  The world would be better off if you played a larger role in business and entrepreneurship.


The Environment

This program provides an environment for designers to become transformative leaders that maximize their creativity and innovation. With hands-on experience, mentorship, critiques, tools, workspace, and connections, each student will leave the program with the ability to make an immediate impact.

The program will also take place in New York City.  NYC has been the epicenter and hub for creative innovation in the design field for many years.  We will use the backdrop of New York to assist you not only in your professional development but in your personal development as well.  You will leave the program equipped to not only start your business but to create a live you really love.

“The idea of being able to build things bottom up, atom by atom, has made [scientists] all into tinkerers. And all of a sudden scientists are seeking designers, just like designers are seeking scientists.” — Paola Antonelli

VAR Services and Program Offerings

The VAR service transforms individuals into strategic, creative and innovative business leaders in visual arts. You will be equipped with the entrepreneurial, business, relationship building and neuroscience skills, design expertise and real world experiences to make an impact, invent the future, and be successful.

VAR is built on a foundation of several key pillars:

  • Exploring design through project-based, hands-on learning and problem-solving
  • Maximizing individual potential, performance, and output by learning key skill sets
  • Developing increased self- and social-awareness through reflection, feedback, and teamwork in an effort to build real emotional intelligence
  • Cultivating sustained creativity through the development of openness, value creation, curiosity and life-long learning
  • Fueling creativity and accelerating progress through engaging intrinsic motivation, emotion, energy and playfulness
  • Building meaningful relationships and creating community

The service is broken down into 12 months with experience- and project-based methodologies, in a highly stimulating, nurturing, customized and collaborative environment.

The VAR process focuses around these six core areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Business/leadership skills
  3. Creativity and innovation
  4. Visual arts portfolio development
  5. Neuroscience of relationships and communication skills
  6. Relationship building and networking

These areas are broken down to eight specific modules for the program. There will also be a strong focus on mastering the english language in the context of working with clients and in social settings. 

  1. Entrepreneurship (idea and business formation/structure, marketing, product/service creation, raising capital, and more)
  2. Business/Leadership skills (sales, negotiation, hiring, managing others, coaching, influence, client management, and more)
  3. Relationships/Neuroscience (human behavior, communication/collaboration, emotional intelligence, social interactions, self-awareness, conflict resolution and more)
  4. Visual arts (portfolio critiques, creativity/innovation, design, and more)
  5. Public speaking and presentation skills
  6. Relationship development and networking (activities to build personal and professional relationships in NYC)
  7. Mental/Emotional health and wellbeing
  8. Social life/events (group dinners, art tours, dancing, music and more)

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