Make Your Creative Dream a Reality and Launch Your Own Business

There are a multitude of resources and expertise available to new entrepreneurs, but until now, they hadn’t been collected together in one place and developed specifically for creative professionals.  These excellent tools have largely been inaccessible to new creative entrepreneurs.  This, in combination with creatives believing the stereotype that they are not good with business, has led to many creatives feeling like their entrepreneurial dreams are out of touch with reality.

We believe creatives are great thinkers and problem solvers. You are incredibly talented at imagining and envisioning the future.  The world would be better off if you played a larger role in business and entrepreneurship.

As such, we nurture creativity via a highly personalized approach that is based on the neuroscience of creativity.  People are not born creative geniuses.  They are made.  We want to help you to get to where you want to go.

“Based on my research, genetics does not affect a lot; it’s more about the attitudes you develop, which can change with your environment and with practice. I believe that most people who are exposed to the same things as Albert Einstein was when he was growing up will become innovators like he did.”  – KH Kim, author of The Creativity Challenge

What is the VAR Experience?

VAR delivers a uniquely immersive, supportive, collaborative, and cutting-edge experience to leverage your creative genius.
  • In-person learning and collaboration
  • Real-world experiences
  • Your Future Business and Leadership Blueprint
  • Deep Relationships That Matter the Most
  • Supportive, Nurturing and Caring Life-Long Community

We offer Two Services:

  • 90 day intensive
  • 12 month immersive

How VAR Works

Prior to Orientation
From January 2018 through the close of applications, VAR team members are available to help you decide if applying is a good decision for you.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.
Starting with orientation, you’ll immediately get to know your fellow creatives and the VAR staff through in-person activities. You’ll get a preview of the year ahead, and begin to build lifelong friendships.  The focus of the orientation program is to immerse you into New York City culture and have a little fun!
90 Day Experience
Committing to a long term experience may not be on the table for some people.  Our intensive experience focuses on deepening relationships and building the knowledge base to move forward toward entrepreneurship.  It will provide a good foundation of what VAR services are and give you a way to explore career options and better understand your strengths as a professional.  You may select to do the 90 day program alone or start with the 90 day program as a 12 month VAR student.
12 month Experience
Our year long program is designed to mentor, nurture, and support future creative entrepreneurs.  This highly personalized experience will help you go from start to finish with your entrepreneurial idea.  You will meet regularly with a business coach and your visual arts mentor to help you craft a comprehensive career strategy.
What You Will Walk Away With
  • Lifetime membership to VAR including access to future services
  • Solid foundation of business & leadership skills
  • Knowledge about the research in neuroscience & creativity that will allow you to work more effectively in any environment
  • Social and emotional skills that will help make you a leader in your industry
  • Access to fun events to grow your personal network
Where You’ll Learn

VAR is located in New York City, one of the top cities for creatives. We will meet in-person and also have a wide-range of social and networking events and activities.   VAR will expand to other creative cities if there is enough student demand.  Please reach out to us to talk about future opportunities!

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