I stumbled into working at VAR almost as an accident. It was one of those opportunities in which I had no idea what I would be doing, but the idea of engaging in a new experience and participating in a new company drew me in. Lo and behold, I found myself working on projects that allowed me to be creative in a completely new and refreshing way. I developed a way of thinking which I carried home from work and which sparked numerous other creative projects from each and every direction. I was lucky enough to be directed towards work that not only fulfilled me, but I had a natural knack for and wouldn’t burn me out. As a result, the creative energy from this job fueled an outside creative reincarnation that I never expected.

Isabel Lamont

Content Manager, Visual Arts Reimagined (VAR)

As most art universities in America do not teach the business side of art, I know that VAR will fill this gap. The fellowship program stands out from other programs as it is highly personalized, and truly dedicated to your success as an entrepreneur. The program allows you to make changes and actually watch your input develop in a short amount of time. What is possibly the best part of the program, is the ability to work with a psychologist. This allows you to really understand the reason why you do what you do as an artist. I was able to grow through the challenges that I faced and worked very hard; while being given the tools I needed to learn how to deal with the challenges in the best possible way. I appreciate the way that VAR is dedicated to its fellows success, and recommend the program if you want help achieving your goals.

Netanel Saso

VAR Fellow, October 15, 2018

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“We have enough case studies to know that the emotional support, positive interventions and mentoring makes a difference in the lives of creative people who are feeling lost or unsure of their next step.”

- Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes, Founder of VAR and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

What is the Visual Arts Reimagined Experience?

Our society has changed and traditional art education no longer works for many students. We seek to give artists, who are the first real entrepreneurs, the support needed to design their lives by launching a business that speaks to their individual passions.

Entrepreneurship and Business Skills

Creativity and Innovation

Visual Arts Mentorship and Portfolio Development

Relationship Skills and Neuroscience Training

Supportive International Community

Who is the right fit for our 12 month experience?

We’ve created this program for three specific types of students:

1) Recent college graduates with a creative major who are ready to become an entrepreneur.

2) Visual art school undergraduates that are looking for an alternative to a traditional graduate degree.

3) Artists with an MFA who are ready to become an entrepreneur.

Who is the right fit for our 90 day experience?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in learning how to blend their creative strengths with the basics of entrepreneurship.  Participants have access to the module running during the time of year they are applying.  The focus will be on introductory support and individualized supportive services to help you explore career options.

Visual Arts Reimagined (VAR) was born out of my family’s legacy of giving visual artists the tools, space, and time to become the type of artist they were meant to be. What was once a groundbreaking idea, traditional art school has been unable to keep up with the entrepreneurial needs of its graduates.    VAR seeks to fill in this gap by providing the professional and personal support emerging artists need to get their dream careers started.  We seek to give artists, who are the first real entrepreneurs, the support needed to design their lives by launching a business that speaks to their individual passions.