How Do I Meet my Creative Goals?

As the school year start back up again, you probably feel a invigorating sense of motivation to get started on all of the creative goals you set for yourself over the summer. However, as the semester carries on, many students will find that they were nowhere as close to achieving those creative goals as they had initially intended to be. Sticking to these goals are not as difficult as you might imagine, though– all it takes is a little bit of discipline each day and a focused attitude. Here are five tips to keep art students on track with their creative goals this semester.

Keep a Planner

One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable for your goals is to write them all down on paper. Keeping a planner is a great way to organize all of your projects and concretely keep track of them. Further, the psychology of keeping a planner reveals that when you write down all the tasks you need to complete, you remember them better and sharpen your long-term planning skills. If you take the extra steps to organize your goals on paper and hold yourself accountable to them, even if it is only through writing them down, you’ll find it easier to follow through with them. Plus, there are a ton of different styles of planners you can purchase, and you can even use your planner as another form of self-expression!

Follow a Routine

While routines seem mundane and confining, two things that artists deeply abhor, they actually improve both creativity and productivity, proving that routines can actually be quite beneficial for artists, specifically. While planning out all of your goals is the first (very important) step, it is the dedication to completing those goals that sticking to a routine will help with. Routines make you focus on what you want to achieve, and specifically how to achieve those goals, and ultimately will make you more productive in the long run.

Practice Self-Care

Sometimes, amidst the excitement of starting a new project, you can push your own health and basic needs to the back burner. However, this neglect of self-care can actually backfire on your overall productivity. While it sound counterproductive, practicing self-care can actually improve your creative flow and benefit you in the long run. So even if you get caught up in the motivational push to finish a current project, take a few moments to check in with yourself.


One of the great joys of creating art is the ability to share such a process with other people, especially through collaboration. Even if you mainly fly solo while making art, if you find yourself really struggling with completing projects or finding your creative groove, you may find it helpful to collaborate with another artist for a little bit. That way, you can experience what another person’s creative process is like, and you may even discover more about yourself and your own process by working with another. Further, you will be able to hold yourself more accountable for following through and finishing projects when you have another person in the mix.

Take It One Step at a Time

While one benefit of being a creative is a constant influx of ideas, it can also be a downfall, as artists will take on more projects than they can actually complete. In the middle of completing one project, you acquire sudden inspiration for your next project, and in such a moment, you abandon your current project to pursue this other one. This ultimately results in multiple half-completed projects and chaotic, disorganized goals. The best way to ensure reaching your creative goals is to simply take it one step at a time, and remain patient with yourself and your work.  

Isabel Lamont

Isabel Lamont

Content Manager

Isabel Lamont is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and serves as VAR’s content manger.

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