What is VAR?

It stands for Visual Arts Reimagined. VAR is a consulting service focused on helping individuals in the visual arts to:

  1. Start and build successful businesses
  2. Have the knowledge, skill sets and expertise to become the next generation of creative business leaders
  3. Build deep, meaningful and healthy personal and professional relationships, along with creating a life-long community they can depend on
  4. Be emotionally fit, resilient and self-aware, and to be able to manage their own self-care

We are dedicated to helping each individual to create a professional and personal life that are both fulfilling and successful.

Is VAR a school?

No, VAR is not a school or certificate program. It is a consulting service.

Is this program a replacement for a four-year visual arts degree, graduate program or an MBA?

No, this is NOT a replacement for undergraduate or graduate education of any kind. This is an adjunctive service that benefits graduates of such programs.

Who can apply?
We accept passionate, curious, hard-working and motivated individuals who are current visual arts students in their last year of college or graduate school.  Our 90 day program is open to students still completing college work and want to explore entrepreneurship.

All participants must be focused on starting their own business and/or being an entrepreneur.

Participants will be carefully curated and have diverse backgrounds. They will be required to submit an application, a portfolio, and participate in an interview.

There will be 10-15 students accepted into our first program.

If you have any questions on if you qualify and should apply, please contact us.

What are the experience objectives?
The experience will provide the tools, knowledge, and relationships to be successful in whatever business you choose to start. You, as part of a new breed of creatives will be prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders that shape the future of creativity and innovation.

Each individual upon completion will have the knowledge, tools and resources to start their own business, if so desired.

What types of modules and experiences will the program include?

The VAR experience will include project based modules, along with lectures in leadership, entrepreneurship, relationship building, english language, creativity, innovation, public speaking and much more.

This an experience that will run for 12 months.

There will also be a strong focus on social and interpersonal development. Every week there will be opportunities for individuals to participate in such activities as art gallery tours, networking events, movie nights, tango lessons, group dinners, and more.

Who are the individuals that attend the program?
Each person will have an ability to see the world in a different and powerful way, with the courage to move fast and sometimes fail, and the empathy and passion to solve problems, while creating exceptional value.

They will value relationships and building a lifelong community that they can be apart of.

They will also want to become successful entrepreneurs and creative leaders.

Who will be teaching the classes in the VAR program?

We will be having the top industry experts teach and work with individuals to master each module in the program.

All of our teachers will be going through a formal training process that we are modeling after the #1 rated college for teaching, Sarah Lawrence College.

We will also be bringing in a diverse array of guest expert speakers to provide students with additional knowledge and expertise.

Do applicants need to have formal design or visual arts training and/or education to apply?

No, that isn’t a requirement.

Do applicants need to know the english language before applying?

We encourage applicants to have studied and be able to speak english. While they don’t need to be fluent, all the VAR courses will be taught in english.

What equipment will students need?

Each participant will need to have a laptop of their own and certain software programs — we send requirements after acceptance. Each participant will be provided with an email account and access to special Web portal. Standard tools and material used in workshops (flip charts, Post-it notes, markers, etc) will be provided for by VAR.

Will housing be included in the program?

In the future, we will be providing housing that all students will be required to live in. We will be including this information upon acceptance.  For our first class, we can support you in finding appropriate housing.

What support will individuals have after they complete the program?

We will provide graduates with tools, programs, resources, coaching and other individualized assistance to ensure students are successful both professionally and personally.

There also will be opportunities to engage and participate with other graduates. Our goal is to create a vibrant, close-knit community that people can engage in for the rest of their life.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that may not have be answered above.

The kind of products you envision as an entrepreneur is a function of your life experience.  – Mitch Kapor

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