Creativity and Innovation

From Research to Practice

In her book, The Creativity Challenge, Dr. Kim discusses how visionaries are CREATED not born.  Her research has not only indicated that creativity in the United States is declining but that students are not given the tools they need in order to develop outbox thinking skills.

VAR employs the research of Dr. Kim to help provided a theoretical foundation for how VAR works with its students.  We are in the process of building a safe, nurturing environment so that you can take what you learned at school and begin to think about how to innovate for the future.

“Creativity isn’t anarchy – it’s unpredictability within limitations and surprise within familiarity; the flair of a creation’s uniqueness is limited by its usefulness, and the benefit of its usefulness is limited by its uniqueness.  Respecting the status quo – to be useful-must come before defying it – to be unique.  Innovators first learn, understand, and conform to the existing rules or traditions/constraints or systems in their field – even when they disagree with the rules.  And then they challenge or break the rules/constraints and make changes still within the system or tradition.” – KH Kim

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