VAR 90 Day Experience

Get the right support to help you explore the next stage of your career

Sometimes you feel like you can’t commit to what you are going to eat for dinner tonight.  Other times you know you need support but are unable to make a long term commitment.  90 days is enough time for you to commit to figuring out if you are going to be an entrepreneur or not.  In fact, research indicates that we would all benefit from developing 90 day goals rather than year long ones!

If you are still in college or looking for a short term experience, our 90 day program will provide you with the support, social network and an introduction to entrepreneurship.  You will leave with a written report of your strengths and a concrete action plan of how to move your career forward.  You will also cultivate relationships with VAR 12 month experience participants and develop a network to lean on for years to come.

International students are strongly encouraged to start their 12 month experience with the 90 day experience to have the benefit of extra support services during the transition to an OPT placement.

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